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Simple Beam Deflection Calculator Using Excel Online

A simple beam deflection calculator for simply supported and cantilever beams. There is obviously functional limitations to excel online such as shape changing and macros / sub procedures and user [Read More]

A Realistic Look at Augmented Reality for Smart City Initiatives in 2019

The mention of augmented reality as a technological pillar in the notion of smart city concepts has been steadily rising in the last few years with articles highlighting foreseeable applications in [Read More]

Constructing 3D Polyhedra in Abaqus using Python scripting

Colab Notebook here If you’re into heterogeneous modelling then you might’ve come across constructing a 3D polygon with random vertices. In my context, constructing such a model was to [Read More]

Methodology to Calculate the Entropic Index q for 1D Signals

The determination of the q index is often employed empirically and values that are proposed in literature are commonly the result of trial and error based on sufficiently good results. In this arti [Read More]

Signal feature extraction using Short Time Fourier Transform, Singular Value Decomposition and Maximum Entropy

Interpreting signals is often a gruelling task, let alone trying to find a new or fancy way to do it, but that’s life in research so can’t complain there. In this post, I will demonstrate a novice [Read More]

Generation of Random Circular Aggregates for Mesoscale Modelling

Concrete is a four phase material comprising of cement, sand, aggregate and voids. In order to better represent the complexity of concrete material, a mesoscale modelling approach is normally consi [Read More]

Time Shift Cross Correlation of Two Time Series Matlab

One of the most basic techniques to quantify the changes between two time series is to determine the cross correlation index (CCI). In the context of damage detection, if you have a reference signa [Read More]

Selecting the best wavelet for decomposition using Shannon Entropy

Wavelet transform is a pretty awesome signal processing technique to extract time frequency data, however choosing the optimal wavelet to use and best decomposition level often leaves us scratching [Read More]


Augmented Business Card Created Using Aframe ARJS

The below shows the Augmented Business card in action. It is designed as a radial menu user interface with finger rotation for interaction with different selected menus. If you want to test it your [Read More]

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Bus Trip Mini Mobile App

A hacked together demonstration of what I thought would demonstrate the usage of augmented reality for public transport to just a bus trip application as the ‘experience’ is not require [Read More]

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Gamification of Coffee Loyalty Cards – A Gimmick

What if collecting coffee stamps wasn’t so linear? What if you are able to participate in a daily free game of chance to win loyalty points or better yet a free coffee? I’m totally down [Read More]

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